5 Design Principles To Master For Better Display Ads

Online Advertisement is the system of displaying ads on the digital platform. It helps you generate a great deal of revenue depending on the number of clicks it has received on your website.

The online advertisement can be done on any platform such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Youtube Ads

The most common thing about the advertisement is either these ads are for monetizing a particular website or a social media account or to draw the audience towards the landing page, where a particular product is being sold.

However, online advertisement has gained a significant amount of popularity in the digital world today. So, every business uses ads to get more traffic to their business.

Only one thing that matters here is the design of the ad. You know, how the ad looks and what content does it feature? These things matter the most because the design reflects the purpose of the product or service the business is offering.

Here are some of the best design principles that are capable of helping you design the best ads to feature in the online marketplace. So, let’s take a look.

  1. Structure:

The structure is what comes first. It represents the layout of the ad both in design and purpose. It details the information such as how the ad should look like and what purpose it should serve?

The structure is also concerned with the audience you are creating the ad for because they would be the ones to interact. It helps you create a good foundation for your ad that works best with your particular audience.

  1. Color:

Color is not something that is included to make something colorful. It is the style that reflects the image of your business. If you are creating an ad for your business, then it should include a color scheme similar to the brand itself.

The reason why we include the brand colors is that it reflects the identity of the brand. The colors have various meanings that also describe what the product or service is all about.

For example, you are running a chocolate advertising campaign, you use brown colors to create the ads because it reflects the color of the chocolate as sweet and delicious. Similarly, you are promoting a vacation on the beach and you use colors like blue and yellow to describe the beach, the sunset, and the blue sky.

  1. Typography:

Like the structure represents the model of the ad and the color represents the brand image. Similarly, typography represents the basic information about the company and the service you are offering.

People would often write the content in a way that can be heard by millions or would take the offer in just one sight. It is written in a way that the reader would be touched and makes him want to try it too.

Like writing engaging digital content on websites and social media posts, content also plays a vital role here.

  1. Simplicity:

Some people would often write the content for the ads in a way that people might not understand. So, adding content here means keeping it simple and concise so that people can understand what the ad is trying to say.

Simplicity may seem like a stupid idea, but it has a major impact on advertisements. It is not about using big words to get attention, it is about impressively using simple words.

It helps the readers understand what the ad is all about.

  1. Custom Images and Graphics:

The original is gold. This is the phrase that helps you achieve success because the original is what nobody has ever done before. Along with content and design, the images and the graphics should be original as well.

Some people would end up copying the other ads and modifying them. It is better to formulate unique and original graphics and images from your side because the original always attracts the right people.

So, using custom images and graphics help you change the game and progress in the future.

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