64 Creative Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

Marketing, as you know, is the basis of awareness for a brand or a business. It is widely regarded as the first pillar of your business as you are being known to the people first. Your business’s attention is what comes first, while the rest is a different story.

Marketing can include various techniques that you can use to elevate your business to the top. Many people would use a unique strategy to gain popularity. Some would even use the standard measures to get themselves to the pinnacle.

So, here are some of the best creative marketing ideas that work best for the purpose of boosting your business to new heights. These techniques can increase your creativity in regards to visualization and give you an insight into the performance of your business.

1.       Push your handles

2.     Instagram Stories

3.     Pin your own images (and others)

4.     Keep social tabs on competitors

5.     Step out on the streets

6.     Commission a mural

7.     Use your surroundings

8.     Unusual sponsorships

9.     Photo Contests

10.  Video contests

11.    Submit your vote contests

12.  Caption Contests

13.  Sweepstakes

14.  Post to deal sites

15.  Hashtag-ify your contest

16.  Make contests super sharable

17.  Offer bonus points for sharing

18.  Notify email subscribers of the contest

19.  Promote your contest on (all) social media

20. Write for your audience

21.  Add a visual element to ALL your content pieces

22. Infographics

23. Useful templates

24. Graphs & charts

25. Videos

26. Statistic lists

27. Future predictions

28. Controversy

29. Aggregate awesomeness from other sources

30. Ask the experts

31. Top 10s

32. Lists

33. Product comparison guide

34. Content is an open door

35. Slideshare

36. Webinars

37. Google related search

38. Pop-up opt-in

39. Continue your lucky streak

40. eBooks

41. 101 guides

42. Even great content needs promotion

43. Post about industry hot topics

44. Guest posts

45. White papers

46. Quality content

47. Show some skin

48. Online magazine

49. Podcasts

50. Cover events

51. Collaboration

52. Memes

53. Social proof

54. Divvy up your content

55. Conduct a content audit

56. Branded tools

57. Mobile

58. Gamification

59. Get by with some content help from your friends

60. Comics

61. Copy the masters

62. Take your time with titles

64. Seasonal marketing

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